• Total Health Care Package


  • Cheapest comprehensive check up at no profit no loss basis


  • Consultation is free for the package period


  • TOTAL HEALTH CHECKUP       : (For One Year)
  • GERIATRIC CHECKUP                : (For One Year)


Services Available : Free consultation for registered period by Physician/ Dermatologist/ Gynecologist (for female patient)/ Cardiologist/ Eye Specialist/ ENT specialist/ Dental/ Surgeon/ Orthopedic/ Nephrology.


Blood Exam: TC, DC, Hb %, ESR, Blood Sugar (Fasting and PP), Serum Urea and Creatinine, Kidney function test, Lipid profile, Liver function test, Thyroid test.


X-Ray chest, ECG : Under this package all the test mentioned above are done. One time and subsequently if required at half the cost (for the period of registration) on advise of the Sansthan’s specialist. Any number of consultation by specialist noted above in this duration is free. Any other test not mentioned if advised by the specialists is done on the normal Sansthan’s charges.



Available to 60 years and above.

Services Available: Free consultation – Physician/ Surgeon/ Diabetologist/ Cardiologist/ Eye Specialist/ Urologist/ Nephrologist/ ENT/ Dermatologist/ Psychiatrist/ Dental Surgeon/ Gyaenocologist (for female patient)


Following investigation  will be done free along with the packages (one time only)

  • Blood: CBC, ESR, Blood Sugar – Fasting and PP Lipid Profile, HbAlc, LFT, KPT, Thyroid profile and PSA.


  • Radiological Test, X-ray of chest and ultrasound of whole abdomen with film.


  • Cardiology: ECO, Eccho


  • Similarly, if any other test which is not mentioned above is prescribed, the beneficiary will have to pay 25% less of the normal Sansthan charges.


  • If the tests mentioned above are advised subsequently it will done on 25% less of the normal charges during the registration period.



  • Those registered under package can have any number of consultations free with consultants mentioned above for the period of registration.


  • In case of any operation, the patient will be charged 25% less than the normal Sansthan charges.


  • For IPD patients (indoor), the same facility of 25% less charge will be available for the registration period.


  • The package holder will be informed on phone of the free camps held by the Sansthan so that they can avail the benefit.